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◆『Signatures』 blu-ray発売中止のお知らせ◆





To all of our faithful customers:

Happy Thanksgiving!! We hope this finds you well and somewhere deep in the
early season snowfall.
The Sweetgrass Tour has only 4 stops left in the US, which is unbelievable
after 3 months on the road.

For those of you who have ordered Signatures on Blu Ray, I have to inform
you that after wrestling with the
format for over 3+ months, the technology has not come through as
promised. It pains me to write this as I feel
like we’ve let you down. We wanted to bring you our film in it’s native HD
beauty, and as a small company,
it’s very, very, difficult to produce a reliable Blu Ray disc for a
reasonable price. We apologize for not keeping
better contact throughout the process– everyday it felt like we were on the
verge of a “breakthrough”
with our hardware and software. The sentiment amongst the industry is
similar; while it seemed feasible,
it’s still too early for non-hollywood productions.

In the meantime, we will immediately send out copies of our the Signatures
SD DVD with a $10 refund to those
who purchased direct from our online store. Once again, I apologize for not
communicating this earlier with you all,
and I hope that you enjoy our film.



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